Enhance Your Event


Uplighting is the art of painting with light to create a truly magical background for the most beautiful and well planned days of your lives together as a couple.

Wedding uplighting brings your reception to life, dresses, your flowers and the room will all work together to create an inviting entertaining space.

The secret lies in the type of lighting, where to place the lighting, and using it to enhance and boost the already beautiful aspects of your wedding.

Uplights:  This lighting is the most cost effective way to transform any room from the boring to a stunning ambiance.  Uplighting is a great way to create depth, interest, and drama for your event by literally painting your event space with light. You can turn an ordinary boxy event space into a truly unique and vibrant entertaining space.

Setup: LED fixtures are set on the floor and pointed up along walls, columns, or arches allowing a custom color light to project upwards.  Generally you need a light for every 10ft - 20ft of wall length depending on the overall look that you want to achieve. In the example to the right the spacing is every 10ft

Equipment:  We carry both wide and narrow beam angle LED fixtures for different desired looks. We carry both RGB and RGBA (Amber) LED fixtures.

Color:  Our LED uplights allow you to choose from thousands of colors to match your color theme.  However, bold colors like fuchsia, pink, purple, blue tends to create the most visual impact.


Q: Do I need lighting?

A: Lights are the element that adds depth and the beautiful backdrop of your event. Lighting acts to help people get into the atmosphere of the event, and dramatically helps to keep guests dancing and having a good time. You should consider lighting if your event will be at night or in a room that can be darkened. Obviously lighting won't help for events in daylight or in rooms that can't be darkened.

How Uplighting Works

Lights are placed on the ground facing the wall or the element of the room you would like to illuminate. Depending on the effect whether you want a focused beam of light, a diffuse spread of color, "a touch of blue" or lighting entire walls, one of our lighting experts will pick the appropriate lights for the job.

Most clients want to add color to their room, or recreate an effect they've seen in a magazine but aren't sure where to start or how to go about it. If you can provide us pictures of the effect that you are looking for we can help put together a package to meet your needs and brainstorm all the possibilities that fit within your vision and price range.

We use LED lighting almost exclusively for events we provide uplighting. These are the safest and most environmentally friendly lighting options because there are no bulbs to burn out or replace and lights draw very little energy.

Types of Lighting Fixtures

LED Lighting

LED's or Light Emitting Diodes are the latest in event lighting. They emit virtually no heat, have very saturated and deep colors and are easy to customize and control the way the light looks. They can recreate just about any color that a TV can.

These lights are made up of red, green and blue individual LEDs that when combined in different intensities blend together to create just about any color. These lights are also very lightweight enabling them to be used on stands, on the floor just just about anywhere. Almost all events we light we use LEDs for uplighting.

Traditional PAR Cans

Traditionally the industry has used stage lights or"PAR Cans" to uplight weddings. These are bright white lights that have a "gel' or colored plastic film placed over the light. These lights are limited to one color and get very hot. If there are children or there isn't enough room to place these lights, guests can burn themselves. Theses lights also draw a lot of energy and can heat up small rooms quickly.

Static vs. DMX 
The most popular effect is to provide washes of color or colors around the room. They can either be set to a static color or fade through colors at varying speeds (DMX option).

You may want a static color as guests arrive and through dinner but the lights to slowly fade through the dancing portion of the evening.  During guest dancing, we can synchronize the lights to dance music. See DMX Dance Lighting below. This creates an amazing atmosphere and really gets the party going.

DMX Dance Lighting
LED's can slowly fade through a number of colors, quickly change colors, strobe, or change to the beat of the music. Each of these effects may be nice for dancing. With the controller we can operate and program preset effects ahead of time so the lighting will be exactly what you expect.

Beams of LIght
A focused beam of color or light on certain aspects of the room may be requested. Having beams of light to add more focus to the cake or drama to columns or aspects of the room may be a good fit. Focused beams of light to the exits and entrances of the room may is a nice detail.


Under Table LIghting
This effect can look really great with a bar or the head table. Having white linens surrounding the table and placing a light or lights inside the table can add washes of color to the physical table in the room and look really neat.

Table Lighting
Maybe you would like to add touches of colored lighting to each of the guests tables. With LED lighting we can raise the lights and project colored light onto your guests tables. This can be nice to create a lounge atmosphere or feel to the room.

Architectural Uplighting
Lighting up the exit of the room or venue can be a nice effect for the photos at night time. If you hare having a sparkler exit, have a really unique hotel, or otherwise would like to set the mood on the outside of the venue as well as the inside, placing LED lighting outside can be a very dramatic effect.


Lighting In The Big Picture

When coming up with a budget for your wedding think about lighting. For a fraction of the cost of extra flowers, favors, or other types of decorations you can add the elegance and impact of painting with light to your wedding. Lighting not only works well during the entire event but it allows your flowers and other decorations to shine later on in the evening. When it's dark for the reception guests always notice the lighting and continually thank us and comment on how much it adds to their event. It looks great in the photos as well, turning ordinary candid's during dancing into the beautiful event that your wedding deserves to be.

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We work with you to come up with one- of-a-kind lighting options for your wedding that will truly set your wedding apart and make it truly personal and unique. We can work within your budget to create the biggest impact. We have worked at many of the best venues in the San Diego area and can offer our personal insight as to what the best lighting options will be for each venue. This type of expertise and integration into your entertainment is what makes us one of the event lighting company in San Diego.