String Market Lighting


Create an Intimate Atmosphere

Nothing can create a more intimate whimsical atmosphere than string lights or as they are also called café lights, market lights or bistro lights suspended just over your head on a warm San Diego night. Not only is it beautiful but it’s completely functional as well, draped over tables and food stations and dance floors to bring them out of the dark when the sun goes down. What a perfect way to dress up an outdoor courtyard or reinvent your backyard for your special event.

Globe string lights offer a classic, distinctive look for weddings, special events, patios and restaurants. Use them outdoors, in tents and patios. Globe bistro string lights are beautiful in outdoor dining areas.


Our first priority is the safety of your guests while creating an intimate whimsical look for your special event.  String lighting can be suspended from trees, columns, poles, railings and along fences. We use commercial grade hardware to insure proper and safe installation. If the string lighting requires special rigging at your event (determined at the walk through), we will recommend other alternatives. Special rigging is required when there are no trees, columns or safe hanging points at the venue.

Hanging string lights requires a good plan and a lot of patience. At long distances the strings can create a lot of tension on the line, especially in an outdoor windy environments. In fact there is so much tension created on the line that we use a specially designed truss systems to attach the lights to.


During the initial walk through of your venue, we are able to measure out how much string lighting is required or if additional rigging is necessary. General string lighting installations start at $700 (setup & breakdown included). Our Pricing is based off 3-4 hours of labor, distance of string lights, 3-4 lighting technicians on-site, and extra hardware needed (Pipe, Steel Bases, Clamps etc). Please keep in mind the string lights we use are not your typical consumer Christmas lights installed on a home and purchased from your local hardware store.

*Enhance with paper lanterns or in patterns/clusters for backdrops, ceiling décor, or behind sheer fabrics to add beautiful, eye-catching elements. The design options are endless!