Event Lighting


Transform Any Room to Stunning


"Lighting is the One Singular Difference Between an Average Event and a Great One."  Lighting Does Make a Difference !!!   See for Yourself.

Lighting is often overlooked by clients, but event lighting is the one element that can bring life and dimension to your special event.  Imagine American Idol, a Broadway play, or a Las Vegas show without the lighting effects...it would be plain and boring.  Vision is the one of most important senses to entertain during an event, lighting is the magical element that helps you define exactly what they see.

Lighting can create a mood and when it is done well, lighting can make everything - including your flowers, cake and guest - look better.  We can transform any room from standard to simply stunning.


Some of the features offered for event lighting include:

  • Uplights:  This lighting is the most cost effective way to transform any room from the boring to a stunning ambiance.  LED fixtures are set on the floor and pointed up along walls, columns, or arches allowing a custom color light to project upwards.
  • GOBO Monogram Projection: A gorgeous and thrilling way to personalize your event, monogram projection lighting allows names, initials, and even messages to be projected onto any fitting surface. A wonderful touch to a perfect event!
  • Market Lights | String Lights: the perfect accent to an outdoor event venue. They provide a classic nostalgic touch to any party or event. We use a high quality commercial grade string lights that creates a warm natural ambiance.
  • Texture Pattern Lighting: This lighting form creates beautiful pattern on walls, ceilings, or dance floors.  Patterns give any venue an amazing face lift once incorporated into your wedding lighting package by taking over dull and bland looking walls, or other surfaces.  There are thousands of stock designs to choose from to match your theme.
  • Pinspot Lighting:  Pinspot lights will beautifully enhance and highlight your wedding cake or centerpieces.  These lighting fixtures are called pin spots because, they are fitted with an extremely tight beam angle lens. They only light up a certain small area with direct light that does not bleed off to every direction. They are perfect for showcasing your beautiful cake or centerpiece arrangements.