The chuppah represents a Jewish home symbolized by the cloth canopy and the four poles. The chuppah has no sides or “walls’, only a cover over the top to show to all that this home is one that will always be open to family and friends. This “home” initially lacks furniture as a reminder that the basis of a home is the people within it, not the possessions. A chuppah symbolizes the home the couple will build together. Today, couples of all faiths enjoy this beautiful wedding tradition.


A Wedding Chuppah has a roof or ceiling. We offer a variety of ceiling fabric colors, styles and textures. A Chuppa used in the evening is often decorated with accent lighting. Beautiful washes of color can provide theatrical highlight or light strands and twinkle lights are also used.

A few things to consider:

  1. Is the ceiling of the room high enough to accommodate?
  2. Is the space able to accommodate the dimensions?
  3. Is there easy access to the room?
  4. Can the nearly 9 ft. foot poles fit an elevator?


Setting up a Wedding Chuppah is a several person job and has a fair degree of difficulty with a significant time investment.. Though some have successfully assembled a Wedding Chuppah, we don’t recommend this as a do it yourself project. You need ladders and several helpers.


Outdoor Conditons:

Chuppah cannot withstand high winds. The fabric acts as a sail and high winds tend to make the canopies blow over. A canopy that is staked to the ground, can be used outside with minimum worry. If the canopy is to be on a hard surface (like cement or on a deck), sand bags may be used. We cannot guarantee that a canopy will withstand extremely windy conditions.


Same day or late night removal starts at $150.00